PinkFlash Makeup Removal Cotton Pad – 40 Pcs

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PinkFlash Makeup Removal Cotton Pad – 40 Pcs

Description Cleansing cotton is super absorbent, soft and delicate, daub evenly, Gently elastic, does not irritate the skin, has high flexibility, is easy to tear, do not leave lint. Suitable for all kinds of skins.

How to Use:

1. Remove Makeup: Dip some makeup products with the cotton pad, deposit in the eyes or lips gently, then clean with cleanser after the makeup fading.

2. Skin Care: Grip the cotton pad with your index finger and dip some makeup water with the smooth silk surface; gently pat the face until the makeup water is slowly absorbed.

3. Remove Nail Polish: Dip some nail polish remover and wrap your nails; wait for a minute, and the nail polish will dissolve.


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