Imagic Liquid Concealer | FA-122

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Imagic Liquid Concealer | FA-122
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Imagic Liquid Concealer
Imagic Liquid Concealer is easy to apply, moisturising, long lasting, gives you flawless skin. It will effectively cover facial flaws, ances, scars, freckles and so on.It will cover your dark circles also.


Portable size, easy to carry
A slight sweet musk
Matte properties, skin, long-lasting is not easy to discolor, long makeup time
Good skin feeling, strong ductility
Fast makeup
Good waterproof effect
Smeared thick, uniform color, strong coverage
Pay attention:

Do not use it for purposes other than makeup
Do not expose to direct sunlight or extremely high or low temperatures
Keep out of reach of children

Imagic FA-122

Shade 1221, Shade 1222, Shade 1223, Shade 1224, Shade 1225, Shade 1226


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